Have you reflected on the size, shape and positioning of the mirrors in your home? Many homeowners do not realize the importance of a properly place mirror and how it can incredibly enhance the space. They can double the space that they reflect and add just the right amount of sparkle. They can be beautiful works of art and great conversation starters. Strategically placed mirrors can be the perfect way to improve any room in your home.

A good place to start when choosing mirrors in your home is considering the shape of a mirror. Round mirrors symbolize unity and wealth. Square and rectangle shapes are used to create balance and octagonal shapes present power. Try to use your mirror shape to imitate other shapes in the room. For example, a round mirror in the bathroom will echo the circular shapes commonly found in the sink and the tub.

It is also important to consider the frame materials of the mirror. Mirror frames can come in every conceivable furniture style and period. Frame finishes can be just about anything, the most popular including traditional woods, antique golds, metal and decorated finishes. The finish of the frame should match the level of formality or informality of the furniture in the room. Decoratively framed mirrors are most effective when placed in a position to capture the reflection of a beautiful scene or object. Beveled-edged mirrors work well in Traditional interiors because they are heavier and more substantial looking. Plain-edged mirrors look especially sleek in Contemporary settings.

Size is of considerable interest when placing a mirror in the home. Keep in mind that a mirror, like other art pieces, should not be wider than the furniture below it nor less than two-thirds the width. Living rooms are a great space for installing a super-large mirror. They can serve as art installations while opening up the space with the reflection of the room and creating more light. A hallway is another good spot for a large mirror. A hallway mirror will open up the area and help eliminate the confined feeling of the narrow space. If a mirror is too small to adequately fill the wall, consider adding paintings or other decorative elements on either side to enhance the area. Small mirrors strategically placed around each other can create an artistic effect and expand the space at the same time.

Article by Jennifer Jones, from Houseplansandmore